Radical Business Suite

Working with Microsoft SQL Server,RADICAL provides the organisation...

Working with Microsoft SQL Server,RADICAL provides the organisation with Business Intelligence functionality that has the ability to adopt and be moulded to the organisation?

s unique business processes. From a simple Help Desk through to sophisticated Workflow Systems,RADICAL can be tailored by the user to adhere to their key processes.

? Improve your service levels? Manage entire Customer Relationship through one interface? Ensure your Service Level Agreements are met ? Strict control over company expenditure ?

Increased profitability and accountability? Monitor departments, budgets and related expenditure? Control leave applications and authorisation processesRadical Business Suite ships with:-?

5 Radical Concurrent User Licences ? Radical-BRP - the Business Rule Processor allows you to define andexecute powerful business rules and workflow processes, set-up emailnotifications and data changes according to business rules specific toyour environment.

It also enables form logic and enforcement rules. ? Radical-Web ? fully accessible via Web Browser? Radical-Control-Center ? the built-in, graphical display console.

? Radical-Security ? built-in security that protects your data through easy-to configure Security Profiles and UserAccess Levels. ? Radical-Package-Editor ?

a complete form and data editor which allows you to change the look, feel and data structure to suit your needs. Using drag and drop functionality, you can add unlimited user-defined fields, tables and forms, numerous field types, buttons with look-up and auto-population capabilities.

Also customise value lists, formulas, reports, queries, views, notifications and the entire user interface. ? Radical-data queries and filters - Powerful filters give total control over data viewing and access using full transact-SQL type queries, which are created once and stored for future access.

Radical Business Suite


Radical Business Suite